Brave Dog Save Her Neighbor And Best Friend From A Coyote Fatal Attack

There is no doubt that dogs are the best man’s friends, however, they can also be best friends for each other, and this story proves that perfectly. A Dogo Argentino called Bella is the best friend of a border collie called Tasa, who is Bella’s neighbor. Spencer Williams, Tasa’s owner, said that Tasa and Bella have been best friends for so long.

In 2019, on the Thanksgiving, Bella showed how loyal she was towards Tasa after she saved her life. Micheal Cobb, Bella’s owner, heard Bella scratching at the window and barking at 2:30, Cobb thought that she wanted to chase a deer, so, he let her out.

But Bella did not want to chase a deer, she just wanted to help her friend, Tasa, from a deadly coyote attack! Tasa had some injuries, and she was bleeding and limping heading to their yard!

Thankfully, Cobb and Bella were able to scare the coyotes away. Tasa was then rushed to the hospital to receive pain medication and antibiotics as she had some tooth holes and a swollen paw! Eventually, she made a full recovery thanks to her best friend! Watch the video below.

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