Abandoned Breeding Dog Collapsed In The Middle Of Busy Road Finds Glimmer Of Hope

A heartwarming story of a community coming together in East Grand Rapids has emerged, as they rallied behind a dog who was found collapsed in the middle of a busy road.

Emilie Bond recounts how her husband, while out walking their dog one June morning discovered the dog lying on the road. The condition of the dog now named Hope was described by Bond as distressing.

Bond took to the Hope for Hope – An Abandoned Dog, in Grand Rapids Facebook page to share the rescue tale. She wrote, “This morning my husband and some neighbors spotted this starved and emaciated dog that had emerged from the woods and collapsed in the midst of morning traffic on Lakeside. She was too drained to make it across the street. Concerned bystanders halted traffic. Kept her safe until they were eventually able to guide her onto the sidewalk.”

The hearted individuals gave Hope some water, which she eagerly drank with a big gulps. So exhausted was she that she even lowered her face into the water bowl and couldn’t muster energy to lift her head again.

Authorities were alerted and both police officers and animal rescue teams arrived at the scene; however given Hopes frail state upon arrival their expectations, for her survival were not high.

“The police and animal rescue were contacted,. Their response was not very hopeful, for the dog ” Bond mentioned. 

“That’s when Rachel, a neighbor who seemed like a guardian angel stepped in and expressed her determination to save the dog at any cost. She decided to take her to Cascade Animal Hospital. With this decision Rachel took on the responsibility and expenses for the dog, whom she named Hope. We found hope at Cascade Animal Hospital as they gave us reason to believe that she might recover.”

The veterinary hospital suspects that Hope, a Pit Bull believed to be 7 years old has been used for breeding times by an irresponsible breeder before being abandoned. Examinations have revealed that Hope is dealing with skin infections and has ingested rocks (a behavior among starving dogs). The veterinarians are conducting checks, for any potential health issues.

Rachel has also kindly offered “to take this dog under her care or work responsibly with an organization to find Hope a home ” as mentioned in Bonds update on Hopes Facebook page.

Recognizing that Rachel wouldn’t have funds to cover all of Hopes medical expenses Bond established a GoFundMe campaign and has successfully raised money for Hopes treatment.

Hope faced moments during her week at the hospital; however her condition gradually improved over time.

On her night she was taken to the Animal Emergency Hospital, where she could receive treatment throughout the night and be, under constant monitoring.

After a days Hope showed stability to allow her to go home with Rachels family. Her caregivers expressed their happiness stating that she would have a place to sleep indoors on a bed experience boundless love and never face hunger again.

When we discovered Hope we were uncertain if this positive outcome would become a reality. Honestly things seemed bleak at first. However we were determined to give this girl a fighting chance and fight she did. Although she still has progress to make in terms of her health today she was filled with joy and affection, for her companions (she truly is the sweetest girl).