Male Eagle Who Used To Care For Rock Like An Egg, Becomes Real Dad To An Orphaned Chick

Being a parent is something natural in animals as some of them just like to be parents even if they do not have children. That’s exactly the story of a 31-year-old bald eagle called Murphy who has no ability to fly.

The male eagle who lives in Valley Park, Missouri, under the care of the World Bird Sanctuary, has been caring for a rock like an egg, had just one dream, which was being a parent!

His story went viral and all the netizens showed sympathy to him expecting him to be a great, real parent. And that’s exactly what happened when Murphy was introduced to an injured eaglet, that was orphaned!

Murphy wasted no time and started taking care of the injured eagle as if he were his father! The sanctuary said that Murphy even feeds the eaglet. They also added that they will share new videos of them once they are able to find a great way to take them.

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