Woman Runs Into Her Ex In The Park — And Discovers Her Dog Is Still Not Over Him

Camila Perman and her ex-boyfriend adopted Gala an adorable dog during their little time together before a year and a half. The dog was very bouncy to the point that Perman and her ex fell in love with him.

At first the relationship between Perman and her ex was in good terms. But it had to be changed as every one of them had some changes in their life which effected the connection between Gala and Perman’s ex. After a few months, Perman went out with Gala to the park to have a walk. It was somehow shadowy night and the visibility was limited, but there was park-goer walking towards them.

Despite the shadowy night, Gala was able to know who that person was. Gala started running towards the man as if she really knew him! Once Perman got so close to the man, she knew that he was her ex. The so-called reunion was very emotional.

Perman said that her ex accompanied her and Gala to their home to make sure they got there safe. How great! Watch the video below.

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