Desperate Shelter Dog Tries To Squeeze Himself Through The Kennel Bars

This story speaks about Eliza, a dog, who arrived at City of San Bernardino Animal Services before a few weeks, but she isn’t loving it. It was obvious that she preferred to go to a forever home where she can cuddle and be cuddled, play, run, and go out for walls to the park.

She just made it clear to everyone in the shelter that she was sick of being cooped up in a cannel. One day, a photographer called Alice Chow visited the shelter to take some photos of the animals and saw Eliza. From the moment she saw her, she directly knew that she is special dog. So, she decided to assist her find a forever home.

In an interview, Chow said that once Eliza saw her, she did whatever she could to get her attention and did not stop wagging her tail. She also added that she took many pictures of her, but most of them were shaky, the only one that was fine was the one with her head sticking through the broken kennel gates!

After leaving the shelter, Chow sent the pictures to Lois Chisholm, her friend, who shared them on Facebook hoping that someone would adopt her. All the information needed to adopt Eliza was included in the post. Chisholm said that Eliza will find her forever home very soon as she is very playful and friendly dog. If you are interested in adopting her, you can call City of San Bernardino Animal Services for more information.

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