Dog Born With No Back Legs, Learns How To Balance On Front Legs By Her Caring Owner

This story speaks about a 6-year-old Filipino dog called Putol, who was abandoned as she was born with only 2 legs! The dog had a very bad time in the beginning of his life as she was not able to walk like other dogs.

Thankfully, the dog was adopted by Danilo Codilego Jr, who worked hard to let her adapt to walk on her 2 legs with balance! The dog directly became favorite in the neighborhood because of her zest for life and bravery.

People in the neighborhood said that if Mr. Codilego did not take her, she would not live very long.

The dog is now having a great life with Mr. Codilego, who is taking care of her in the best way ever. She also behaves like a guard dog and really enjoys what she does! How awesome!

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