Senior Dog Is ‘Heartbroken’ After His Owner Surrender Him At Age Of 20

Dax had spent nearly two decades with his previous owners so its’ understandable that he felt downhearted and bewildered when they decided to give him away.

The story of Dax, a 20 year old Weimaraner will surely tug at your heartstrings break your heart and fill it with warmth all at once. This faithful senior dog found himself in a shelter, where older dogs like him often struggle to find new homes and are sadly often euthanized.

Thankfully fate stepped in when Floridas’ Big Dog Ranch Rescue answered the rural shelters’ request for assistance and took Dax under their care.

In a TikTok post. They expressed their disbelief that this loyal and loving senior dog was abandoned and left feeling confused and heartbroken in his twilight years.

According to their website Big Dog Ranch Rescue is the largest no kill shelter in the country that offers cage free living for its animals. They have been on a mission to save dogs since 2008 and have successfully rescued over 50,000 canines.

Not only do they operate locally; they also travel across the nation to help animals affected by natural disasters like hurricanes or extreme weather events such as the Texas Arctic winter of 2021. When Dax arrived at their 33 acre campus.

He was greeted warmly by Big Dogs dedicated staff who went on to provide him with a thorough medical examination. Since Dax has issues with his hind legs Love4Paws – a Florida based nonprofit organization – raised funds to buy him wheels for longer journeys.

“He is incredibly sweet and all he wants is love.

” Love4Paws shared on Facebook while acknowledging that he was undoubtedly heartbroken. Additionally one of Love4Paws’ board members graciously volunteered to foster Dax until a permanent home could be found for him.

As soon as Daxs’ story spread on TikTok. Big Dog Ranch Rescue received numerous adoption requests for him.

Ultimately leading to the happy ending of this heartfelt tale.

Last week. BDRR delivered Dax to his forever family where he met his new mom and four legged siblings, seemingly content and at peace.

With great enthusiasm.

He eagerly explored his new surroundings before joining the other dogs on the settee for a well deserved nap.

Thanks to generous donations received Dax now has access to a brand new orthopedic bed, plenty of toys, food, medicines, and other essential supplies that will help him thrive in his new life. Furthermore BDRR has committed itself to covering all of Daxs medical expenses throughout his lifetime.

The rescue organization hopes that through Daxs story prospective pet caretakers can learn valuable lessons about responsible ownership. A spokesperson for BDRR conveyed this message in an interview with Newsweek by saying, “Adopting an older dog can be incredibly fulfilling as they often possess calm personalities that make them ideal companions. “

Dax owes his extended lifespan primarily to the exceptional care provided by his previous proprietors. According to BDRR. They have no information about the circumstances surrounding Daxs surrender and it is possible that his owners had legitimate reasons for their decision. Before bringing a furry companion into your home.

It is important to ensure that you can fulfill their needs throughout their entire lives. “They aren’t simply dogs; they are like our children and cherished family members who love us unconditionally without asking for much in return ” articulated the spokesperson. Recently. BDRR expanded its operations with the opening of a second location in Alabama and hinted at plans for a future location in Texas.