Family Loses 4 Dogs After Being Killed By Swarm Of Bees Owned By Their neighbor

In Palmdale, California a family is devastated by the loss of four out of their six dogs. Tragically their beloved dogs were fatally attacked by bees week.

According to the GoFundMe, organized on behalf of Rebecka Lopez and Daniel Giron their puppy Pancake had 900 stingers removed from his ears by the family veterinarian.

During the incident Rebecka Face Timed Daniel while he was, at work to show him Sansa and Pancake, their bulldogs. The poor dogs were covered in swarming bees. Even their two Doberman Pinchers named Drago and Khalisse were outside desperately trying to remove the bees from themselves.

Sansa, overwhelmed by the bees tried to swat them while rolling on the ground before making an attempt to find safety. Unfortunately my spouse couldn’t open the window as our children were inside.

The couple rushed all of their dogs to the veterinarian in hopes of saving them. However despite their efforts it was too late for any intervention. As they went door to door warning neighbors about the bee attacks they discovered that these bees actually belonged to one of their neighbors who had unintentionally let them escape.

Seeking help at an emergency clinic proved challenging as they didn’t have sufficient funds, for such an extensive emergency situation.

We had to take our pets to another veterinarian who unfortunately had to euthanize Pancake. Sansa didn’t survive her injuries. Khalessi passed away at home a hours later due, to the severity of her wounds.

The family is currently considering taking action against their neighbor. Is hoping to use some of the donations received to cover the repairs needed for their home as well as the veterinary expenses incurred and ongoing care for their surviving dogs.

May Sansa, Khalessi, Pancake and Drago rest, in peace.