Father Lets 100 Lb Dog Sleep In Crib With Baby Only To Have Captured Footage Make Headlines

Fear is something that affects all of us to varying degrees. It can become overwhelming if we allow it to and the fact that its an instinct makes it more challenging to overcome.

Course our fears and concerns often extend beyond ourselves. When we deeply care about someone, like our children for instance we also experience fear on their behalf.

Ady Leary, affectionately known as Ady within her family has experience, with fear. Following a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck her hometown in Alaska she developed difficulties falling asleep. She simply couldn’t sleep alone anymore. Her family realized that repeatedly sending her to bed by herself wouldn’t solve the issue.

Fortunately Ady discovered a solution. Managed to conquer her problem with the support of their trusted pit bull named Fury.

Following an earthquake in Alaska Kyle Leary and his family considered themselves fortunate, for having escaped without harm.

However their daughter Ady bore the aftermath of the event. Developed anxiety and worries that prevented her from sleeping alone.Ady, afraid of sleeping finds solace in her familys pit bull named Fury, who she considers her companion and protector.

Kyle decided to set up a camera in Adys room to monitor her while she slept. The captured footage turned out to be quite extraordinary. In the video, which Kyle later shared on his Facebook page you can even see Ady taking care of Fury by tucking him in with a blanket to keep him warm.

The response, to Kyles video was mixed as not everyone agreed with the idea of allowing a 100lb dog to sleep next to a toddler.

Nevertheless Kyle firmly believes that Fury is a part of their family and would never harm or hurt his daughter. He is confident that as Ady grows older Fury will continue to protect and be there, for her.

In his words; “If you raise them with love they will only show love.”

Take a moment. Watch the heartwarming video featuring Ady and Fury below;