17-lb Starving Dog Discovers Snuggles & What A Full Tummy Feels Like

2 Good Samaritans found an extremely abused pit bull pup called Reese on the sidewalk. Jersey Pits Rescue was contacted by Animal Control, that asked them if they could take Reese, that was not able to move on her own.

The cofounder of Jersey Pits Rescue, Kay, cries so much when she saw her photo, as Reese was almost dehydrated! The sweet dog just wanted to be loved, she was about to die, but she saw the hope when she was rescued.

Reese was a real fighter as she spent about a month in the hospital before getting fostered by Ryn. Reese was so nervous at the beginning, but she then feels comfortable.

Thankfully, she now knows that she is healthy and safe. Watch the video below.

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