Sick Puppy Being Abandoned In Landfill, Saved And Has Been Given Another Chance At Life

A woman found a little pup laying in a landfill, unable to move as he was starving, sick, and scared. It seemed that the dog was abandoned to fend for himself, so, the woman directly took him to a veterinary clinic to give him the care and treatment he needed.

The veterinarians knew that the puppy was around 2 months old, but he was in a very bad condition as his eyes were infected and his body was covered in fleas. He was also having diarrhea, which left him unable to walk properly. So, the veterinarians bathed him and give him the best care and medicine.

The puppy needed just 2 days to get out of his shell as he started showing his real personality when he finally knew that he was in good hands.

His recovery was going well to the point that he went to a foster home after being strong enough. He will stay with his foster mother till he finds a forever home.

Thanks to the woman who found this dog and saved him from certain death and gave him the second chance he deserved. Watch the video below.

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