Woman Finds Abandoned Box On The Road, And Sees The Cutest Face Looking Back At Her

One day, a Good Samaritan took her dog for a morning walk in the neighborhood i Yonkers, New York, planning to be very quick, but her eyes were caught by a mysterious box, so, she decided to check it out as she was very curious!

But the box moved when her dog approached it, so, she knew that there was a creature inside it! The woman directly checked it and found a cat inside it! Little Wanderers NYC’s director, Lisa Winters, said that the orange cat, who is very cute, was so afraid!

The woman without hesitation picked the cat up and took him to a vet clinic, where he was friendly and kind with everyone there! The tests revealed that the cat was healthy. But he had a previous injury in one of his legs, and it had not healed properly, according to the X-rays!

Unfortunately, they could not do anything to correct it! Anyway, the cat was generally in good shape. So, contacts with Little Wanderers NYC were done to see if the cat could be gone to a loving home! The cat, who was named Elf, was taken in by Little Wanderers NYC to take care of her till they found him a forever home!

The shelter believed that the cat used to be a pet as he was very friendly and affectionate with everyone! This meant that finding a forever home for him would be easier. Thankfully, after a few weeks, a couple called Eliezer and Miri directly fell in love with him when they saw him, and decided to adopt him.

They renamed him Sunkist. He is now having a great life in his new home, cuddling up with his owners, and playing with his new toys! What a happy ending!

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