Confused Dog Abandoned With Bag Of Food, Keeps Waiting For Days For Family To Come Back

Good Samaritans spotted an abandoned dog, who was waiting for her death in peace or a miracle, on a road in Kentucky. Bluu, the dog, was waiting for her owners to come back for her, but they had no attention to do that as they left a bag of food with her!

The kind strangers directly called their shelter partner in NYC for help as they realized that no one would come back for her. Fortunately, Muddy Paws Rescue NYC took the pit bull in to take care of him. They also started looking for the best foster home for her.

The shelter was able to set up a meeting with David, a 1st-time foster, and he immediately fell in love with her as she is very gentle and friendly. The dog was able to adapt to her new house and surroundings. Her fosterers said that the dog started making herself at home learning doing her favorite things, and showing her real personality. They also added that everyone saw her loved her.

The best thing was that a woman called Nafitha saw Bluu’s photos on Muddy Paws’ website while looking to have a doggy brother to her dog, Oreo. So, she directly applied to adopt her. Thankfully, Bluu is now having a great life with her new owners and their doggie brothers.

We are very happy that Bluu is finally in forever home. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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It’s hard to believe Bluu was found abandoned on the side of the road just a few weeks ago. This 6-month old girl has been nothing but trusting, playful, and sweet in foster care, & now it’s time to close out this hard chapter in her life and find her forever home! Tag someone who’s looking for a girl like Bluu 👇 #rescue #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #storytime

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