Turkish Firefighter Saves Cat From Earthquake Rubble, Now Refuses To Leave His Side

The reputation of cats is that they are loners, but when a cat falls in love with someone, especially if they are a reason why it is still alive, it becomes lovely and friendly towards it. That’s exactly what happened with one cat, who was saved by a rescuer during the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria.

Ali Cakas, the Turkish firefighter, found the cat buried in the rubble after almost 10 days after the earthquakes in Gaziantep! He directly lifted it up on his shoulder! The cat directly fell in love with the man as it never left his side during his work to save animals and people!

After the photo of Cakas holding the cat went viral, it was known that he is an experienced mountain biker, but went to Gaziantep for help! The Turkish national mountain biking team coach then took the cat, who was named Enkas, aka rubble in Turkish, and adopted him permanently! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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