Senior Dog Found Nearly Frozen To Death In Ditch Rescued And Reunited With His Owner

A call came to the Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office about a 14-year-old dog who was about to die after getting almost frozen from being in a ditch in Arrowsic! So, Mark Anderson, a deputy, went to the scene and picked the dog up.

It was obvious that the dog tried to climb out as some claw marks were spotted, but she was not able to do it! The temperatures were close to zero, so, Anderson wasted no time and took the dog to safety. She was then wrapped in blankets to get warmer.

The dog was then given food and water to get even better. Then Anderson started knocking on doors in nearby neighborhoods in hopes to find the owner. And thankfully, he did! The owner was an elderly woman, who told Anderson that her dog went out the last night and never came back! She did not sleep a minute waiting for her to come back! Happily, the dog and her owner were finally reunited! What a happy ending!

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