Rescuers Are Scratching Their Heads When Find Mysterious Animal By Dumpster

A small puppy was spotted huddling near a dumpster by some officers of the Dallas Police Department in Texas. It was unknown how he had ended up there, but he was in desperate need of help.

What the kind of the animal was unclear for them, so, they contacted Dallas Animal Services for help. It was very baffling as all the staff in the Dallas Animal Services even the seasoned professionals were baffled too!

The spokesperson of Dallas Animal Services, Marlo Clingman, said that many people thought that he would be a coyote. However, there has been some debate over what the puppy is as he could be a coyote, a domestic dog, or a hybrid of both. So, they conducted a DNA test to know for sure what is its kind.

Clingman said that the puppy’s eyes look like he belongs to a domestic breed, but when the DNA test results come out, everything will be known. All the staff are doing their best to keep the puppy, who was named Toast, happy and safe. It is not sure if he will be released to the wild or be available for adoption but it depends on what the DNA test results are.

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