Husky Rescued From 113-Degree Hot Car, Is Now Enjoying Her Life With New Family

The security workers of a casino in Las Vegas managed to save a husky pup, who was left in a 113-degree locked car! A video that was taken by bodycam of the police officers of Las Vegas Metro, showed that the dog’s mouth was also taped shut!

The department shared a video of the rescuing process after they noticed a husky pup in a 113-degree vehicle at the Bellagio casino parking. You can see in the video that the puppy was being comforted by woman bystander and the security with its tongue out!

The dog was saved just in time as he hardly able to breathe! You can also see in the video that the owner of the dog was directly arrested once he was known!

He will be going to prison after putting an animal’s life in danger for more than 2 hours with no water, food, or at least air conditioning! Watch the video below.

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