Stray Dog Found Eating Farbage Shows Amazing Transformation With Little Love

This story speaks about a senior dog called Abby who was found by animal control eating garbage to survive as she was sick and skinny. Her age was estimated to be between 10-12 years.

Knowing that they did not have the resources to take care of the dog very well, the animal control called the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana for help.

After seeing her, the rescuers did not believe how she survived all that by her own. She was suffering from a broken hind leg, skin and ear infections, and some other ailments.

So, the rescuers directly started treating her health problems as they were not being treated for so long. She spent weeks in treatment and even had a surgery to fix all of her problems. She is now way better than the day she was brought in.

Her treatment is about to be done and once it is done she will available for adoption. We hope that she will find the forever home she deserves.

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