Small Stray Dog Found Curling Up On Blanket And Dreaming Of Finding His Forever Home

Going to the hospital when you need help or you are sick is common. So, when one dog showed up on hospital grounds, everyone knew that he needed an immediate help.

The founder of Logan’s Legacy and dedicated dog rescuer called Suzette Hall said that no one was there but the construction workers, who were ready to assist him. They did their best to catch the dog, but to no avail. So, after giving up, they to call a rescuer for help.

While doing their best to get Hall’s contact information, they gave the dog a blanket to let him feel comfortable. They also gave him some water and food. A few days later, they were able to contact Hall, who directly came for help.

From the first sight, Hall knew that she had to approach the dog, who was named Elliot, carefully as he was timid. However, the dog ran away once he noticed her! He was even able to hide properly to the point Suzette was not able to find him!

Hall and the other rescuers searched the construction area for hours, but to no avail! So, Hall set a trap to let the dog be out by placing hot dogs! After 2 hours, the trap worked and Elliot went into it!

The dog was directly picked up by Hall, who took him to a veterinary clinic to be checked. The vets gave him antibiotics as he had some treatable infections. But what shocked the vets was that Elliot had a little spring!

Thankfully, he was able to pass it by his own. He was then fostered by a kind woman, who loves him so much. He is ready to go to a forever home. We hope that he will find the forever home he deserves soon.

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