Terrified Stray Dog Reunited With Rescuer Who Traveled Hours To Save Him

This story speaks about a poor dog called Zoomie who was only four months when she was abandoned by her family to fend for herself! The dog, who was left in the woods, took shelter under olive trees, and stayed hydrated from a stream!

While waiting for her family to came back for her, she was noticed by a Good Samaritan, who fed her every time he came by her! ACPR (Adams County Pet Rescue) was then called by the man, who told them about the dog.

Kyya Grant, the director of ACPR, answered the call and directly went to the scene for help. Once she saw the dog, she knew that rescuing her would be really hard as she was very scared! So, she decided to gain her trust first.

She tried to talk to her to let her know that she was fine, but this way did not work! So, she left the dog, and came back the same night with food. Despite being scary, Zoomie recognized Grant as she did not bark very much. The dog then came to the food and started eating. She then let the rescuer touch her!

Grant then left her, and came back the next morning to see if she could pick the dog up with her. Zoomie was very happy to see Grant again and started running out of joy. So, putting the dog in the crate became easier, and she directly got into the crate!

At ACPR, Zoomie received the care and medication she needed. Once she was fully healthy, it was time for her to go to a forever home. Thankfully, it did not take long until she found the forever home she needed as a couple fell in love with her from the moment they saw her! She is now having a great life in her forever home. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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