Young Gilr Saves Life Of Giant Pacific Octopus Found Stranded On The Beach

A girl was on a visit with her family to Bay View State Park in Mount Vernon when a giant Pacific octopus got stranded on the beach in front of them. The chances for the octopus to get back to the water were very slim as the tide was going out.

So, the family called a local park ranger for help. The ranger knew did the right thing by calling a group of researchers of Padilla Bay Reserve. Annie England, who went to scene, was very surprised after seeing that an alive octopus was found!

The young girl was credited by England, who said that her efforts were enough to keep the octopus alive by pouring water on top of it with her sand bucket! England said that what the girl did was the right thing as trying to touch an octopus or move it is not recommended.

So, she also called a marine life organization for help, while continuing pouring water over it. Thankfully, the help arrived and the octopus was back to the ocean by being put inside a bucket and dragged into the water. Watch the video below.

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