Puppy Abandoned In The Woods With All His Stuff Wating For Someone To Notice Him

Good Samaritan found an 8-month-old pup abandoned with nothing but his possessions in the woods. So, the kind person called a rescue organization for help.

It was obvious that the dog was abandoned by someone as there was a bag of food, a dog bed, and old toys with him. Unfortunately, one of the dog’s legs was also broken for at least 2 weeks.

A nonprofit animal rescue organization that is based in Florida, Humans and Animals United took the dog, that was named Hank, to fix his broken leg with a surgery.

After fixing his leg, Hank was very friendly with everyone, and he even started wagging his tail for everyone he met. The founder of the organization, Rosa Fond, said that they received tens of adoption requests for the dog. He will be available for adoption ones his recovery process comes to an end. Want a happy ending!

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