Couple Saves Dog Dumped In The Middle Of Nowhere And Takes Her On Vacation

Megan Mannarelli-Martin and her husband were not able to find a time to have a vacation for years, but recently they did. Being the runner of the Rafiki’s Rescue, a special needs rescue, makes them really hard to leave their job for a vacation. However, even when they went on vacation, they took 3 of their rescue cats with them.

4 hours after going into their vacation, the rescue work just wanted to follow them everywhere as they saw a dog abandoned in the middle of a very busy street. The road was almost deserted, so they knew that he was abandoned there. Being rescuers let them help the dog and cut their vacation instead of leaving him behind.

Despite being very scared, the dog, who was named Kevin, was very interested to be rescued. The rescuers were able to gain her trust in only one hour. Once they took the dog to safety, they scanned to see if she had a microchip. But she did not have one, so, they contacted local shelters and checked online forums to see if any family was looking for her.

However, they continued on their vacation but with another rescue with them as they took Kevin with them. They even stopped to have what they needed to take care of Kevin, who was somehow scared. With time, Kevin started to get settled in as she knew that they wanted to help her.

Once the vacation came to an end, the couple was able to place Kevin in a foster home till she is ready to go to a forever home. She is now doing great with the other foster dogs and cats. After having her last vaccines in 2 weeks, she will be available for adoption. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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