Pit Bull Mama Dog Asks Shelter Wroker To Help Her Freezing Puppies

This story speaks about a mama pit bull called Betty who was wandering outside the Foothills Animal Shelter in Lakewood, Colorado, asking for help. It was obvious that the dog, who had just giving birth, was worried and hungry.

So, when the employees noticed that no puppy was around the mama, they knew that she needed help. Claire Vaiden, the vet of the shelter, said that after examining the dog, she found mammary tissues, which meant that her puppies were recently delivered.

So, the employees directly went to find the pups as it was very cold. They also came up with a great idea by taking the mama pit bull to the spot she was picked from hoping that she would lead them to her litter of puppies. Fortunately, the idea worked and the mama led them to 4 pups, who estimated  to be 3 weeks old.

So, all the dogs were taken to the shelter to be checked up. Thankfully, all the pups, who were named Dorthy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose, were fine along with their mama. The great thing was that the mama dog along with her puppies were all adopted to forever homes. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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