Chained Neglected Dog By Owner Is Unable Yo Lie Down, And Wants Only One Thing

This story speaks about a poor dog called Hank, who was adopted by a family just to stay on a chain outside no matter what the weather is! Fortunately, a concerned neighbor called rescuers for help. Once the rescuers arrived, they were completely shocked as the dog was covered in mud as it was raining heavily!

The dog had no water or food bowl! How merciless the owners are! So, the rescuers were able to take the dog with them after calling the authorities to get involved! They directly to Hank to the veterinary clinic, where they knew that his chance to survive was only 50% for a distemper after being severely malnourished and anemic!

So, the rescuers shared Hank’s story online in hopes that the community would help. Fortunately, 2 kind women called the rescue group offering to take him home to take care of him 24/7. He was given love, food, proper shelter, and surely medications. He finally had an inside shelter to sleep in.

Despite being ill and weak, Hank was able to lay on his mama’s lap and wag his tail. His condition was not getting that better as he did not have good nutrition and vaccinations in his former house. Sadly, Hank was not able to make it.

The most important thing was that Hank had some good time before his death! RIP Hank!

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