Stray Dog Chases Couple’s Car In Vacation, And They Stop To Offer Her A New Home

Martina Russo and Fil, her partner, were going on a vacation from Italy to Spain when they unexpectedly met a cute creature following them! It was a stray pup, who wanted to be with them!

At first, they thought that the small puppy was just playing, but when she did not stop, they knew that they had to help her! So, the pulled over and gave the puppy some water. They even took her to the nearest village and asked if she was lost, but she was no one’s.

So, they took her back to where they found her in hopes that she would be able to find her way back, but she continued to follow them! So, they knew that someone might abandon her, so, they took her with them again.

The next day, they took her to a vet clinic for a checkup and to know if she had a microchip. She was generally fine but with overgrown fur, but had no microchip. However, the couple continued looking on social media to see if the dog had owners, but no one came forward after a few weeks!

That’s when they knew that she was meant for them. So, they adopted her permanently and named her Moxie! Moxie is now having a great life with her new family, who was chosen by her! How adorable! Watch the video below.

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