Dog Who Lived On A Heavy Chain His Whole Life Grabs Rescuer’s Hand

A pit bull dog was abandoned by his owners, who left their home after their country was attacked by Russia! Unfortunately, the dog had nothing to keep alive for so long as he was tied to a heavy, short chain with no water or food. Despite all of that, the dog still wagged his tail.

Thankfully, the help finally arrived as the rescuers of Love Furry Friends came to help him. Toby, the dog, was over the moon to see the rescuers. When the dog was approached, he tried to grab the rescuer’s hand asking to be rescued as he was in real pain as there was a deep cut in his neck as he was not wearing a collar.

He was taken to be checked up and given a bath. His life will surely be different. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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