Abandoned Puppy Refuses To The Cardboard Box In Which Her Owner Dumped Her

There is no doubt that dogs are loving and devoted animals. They do love their owners unconditionally even if they hurt them, and this story is a big proof of that. Unfortunately, a merciless dog owners abandoned their 10-month-old dog, Harvest, in a cardboard box in the heat for no reason!

Harvest just did not want to leave the cardboard box she was left in, hoping that her owners would come back to pick her up again! The dog was left on the side of a street in a very hot day, according to Dallas Dog, a non-profit organization.

As the dog was so loyal to her owners, she did not leave the box! That’s when she was noticed by a neighbor, who gave her water and food and called Dallas Dog for help. They directly came and took Harvest with the box! They even put the box with the dog in the kennel to let her feel comfortable!

Thankfully, the animal shelter was able to place Harvest in a foster home, where he receives the care and love he deserves. He is recovering while waiting to be adopted.

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