Lost Dog Found Waiting Of The Beach Waiting For His Family To Find Him

The family of a senior shepherd mix called Simba had to leave the house for an unexpected emergency and left him under the care of the dog sitter. Unfortunately, Simba was able to leave the house shortly after they did. When the couple knew that, they started searching for him in hopes they could find him, but they couldn’t.

However, the heartbreaking news did not stay for so long as the dog was spotted alone on the beach twenty miles away. The founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, Suzette Hall, received many massages and posts about the dog and decided to help him. When she arrived on the beach, she saw the dog and directly tried to lure him back with treats.

The dog ran away when he was startled as it was raining heavily. Hall then met a local neighbor and she was told that Simba slept in his garage the last night. That’s when she got a good idea which was sitting a trap with treats inside the garage. The next morning Hall was called by 2 neighbors, the first one told her that the dog was spotted walking along the beach and the other one told her that Simba might have a family.

So, she called Simba’s family and told them about their dog. His dad went to the beach and called for him, but the dog was not able to recognize him directly. So, the father along with Hall came up with a great idea which was letting Simba hear his truck’s engine.

Once Simba heard the engine, he got out of the sand and ran towards his daddy jumping with joy and wagging his tail. It was a very happy ending as Simba was finally back to his family after being away for 2 weeks. Watch the video below.

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