Terrified Bat Found Clinging To Busy Sidewalk Until Finally Someone Comes To Help

A small, worried bat was noticed clinging to the edge of a busy sidewalk in Brisbane, Australia. The good Samaritans who saw it had no idea what to do, so, they directly contacted Bat Conservation & Rescue. Rebecca Appleton, a rescuer from the organization, said that what they were worried about was that the bat might have been in danger if he would crawl off somewhere.

But when she arrived she found him still hanging. Once she saw him she was directly moved by what she saw as he looked very weak and sad. She was easily able to grab him to get him safe and warm. Once the bat arrived at the rescue, the rescuers started helping him and taking care of him. The bat, who was named Donnie Darko, started showing his real personality and regaining his strength by days.

Rebecca said that Donnie was very sweetheart as he started stealing from other bats once he realized that they were being fed with hands, but he was fed with a syringe.

Finally, the bat showed a good sign that he became more independent as he started avoiding contact with rescuers. He will be released back to the wild very soon.

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