Woman Finds Baby Squirrels In Her Yard And Reunites Them With Their Mom

A woman found some abandoned baby squirrels in her backyard and called Out-Back Wildlife Rehab Center to get some advice. She was told that if she could, she had to get their mama first as it was very important but they would take the squirrels in if their mama did not come back.

It seemed that the mama squirrel had gotten startled as some trees were cut down.

The woman and her family while waiting for the mama squirrel, tried to do their best to comfort the squirrels. They kept the babies warm and safe by putting them in a box with a heat pad and a soft blanket till the tree trimmers were gone.

Once the tree trimmers have done their job and left, mamma squirrel appeared out of nowhere and run towards the box to investigate it.

The mama was not able to realize that her kids were nestled inside the box, but after checking them one by one she started moving them to their new home. What seemed to be an abandonment was a mama looking for them all the time. What a happy ending!

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