Shelter Employee Uncovered Mysterious Tarp And Is Heartbroken By What Was Beneath

A green tarp in a parking lot, that is very close to the San Antonio Animal Care Services, was spotted by an employee on a stormy morning. So, the employee directly went to investigate after getting worried. Once the drenched tarp was lifted, a small Chihuahua and 2 German shepherds were discovered in their cages under the tarp!

The staffer then called some rescuers to help the damp and frightened canines. The public relations manager of San Antonio Animal Care Services, Lisa Norwood said that they are a little frustrated and sad whenever something like this happens. The 3 dogs were rescued and taken to the shelter to be given some water and food and a place to stay at.

The Chihuahua was named Gabby, and the 2 German shepherds were named Peaches and Cyrus. Every one of them reacted differently to their new environments, but who needed more patience and time to adapt was Cyrus. It was a hard time for the San Antonio Animal Care Shelter as it was already beyond its capacity, which meant that they had to find forever homes for the 3 dogs immediately.

Once, Peaches and Gabby had recovered, they found their forever homes. But Cyrus still needed a little bit time, so they moved him to a German Shepherd Rescue of New York. We hope that Cyrus finds his forever home very soon.

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