Golden Retriever Melts Million Hearts When Dedicated Himself To Caring For Pregnant Mate

Being pregnant is getting more difficult whenever the time of giving birth gets closer, no matter what the creature is. Actually, pregnant ones always need someone to help them, especially after giving birth. So, when a female Golden Retriever got pregnant, her male partner spent the whole day taking care of her.

He really took care of her in almost everything since she woke up. He checked the temperature of the AC to see if it was okay, filled up a small basin with water himself, took her for walks, helped prepare the food with their human. He even stayed by her side during the labor.

After she gave birth, the husband dog started taking the babies along with their mama to the backyard to enjoy the sun! However, his routine continues again, but this time it is harder as he has to take care of more than one dog!

He is actually better than some humans taking care of their partners! How adorable! Watch the video below.

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