Lonely Pit Bull Who Spent 3 Years In A Shelter Finds Comfort In Unlikely Piece Of Trash

This story speaks about a friendly pittie called Zeus, who has spent more than 3 years waiting for the perfect person to adopt him at the Spartanburg Humane Society.

Zeus’ favorite things to play with were empty milk cartons as he finds them very comfortable to him. A volunteer at Spartanburg Humane Society called Kaki Taylor said most dogs love squeaky toys, but Zeus just loves milk cartons.

The dog has become a favorite to the staff at the shelter over the years. All of them like to take him out to have a pup cup from Starbucks in a car ride. Taylor said that she can’t stop thinking about Zeus when she is not at work especially when she is buying milk. She said that she used to drink milk regularly, but after seeing that Zeus loves the empty milk cartons, she started drinking more milk to take the empty cartons to the shelter.

There is no doubt between the humane society staff that Zeus would be a great pet, but the only thing was that he needs to know that you can be trusted as he is a bit shy around new people. He can be a great fit to an older teen or an active adult with a home where he is the only pet. We hope that he will find his forever home very soon. Watch the video below.

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