Dog Rejects Leaving The Construction Site Where She Last Saw Her Family

Suzette Hall was called by a group of kind people who told her that they saw a dog for three days hiding under a construction sign on a busy street. After going to the scene, Hall directly knew that it would be a hard challenge to get the dog into a trap as she was very scared of people.

She said in an interview that the dog would just bark at people who would walk past her or even try to sit with her. Most neighbors were not able to be close to the dog to help her, but they cooked hot dogs to be used as bait. Anyway, the dog was not lured by the warm hot dogs even when she was very hungry.

So, Hall decided to leave the trap and to come back the next morning to try again. When she came back the next morning, something was different as the neighborhood was somehow quiet which made the dog less spooked. So, the trap was freshened up by Hall, who pretended. Hall left the street with her car but came back to see that the dog was circling the trap and she was safe and sound.

Hall said that the dog was very scared when she got her out of the trap. So, Hall decided to spend a lot of time with the dog in order to gain her trust. Finally, she was able to take her to a veterinary clinic where she was named Bella.

Thankfully, Bella finally got out of her shell as she knew that she was safe and loved. She was also fostered by the vet till Hall finds her a forever home. What a happy ending! .

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