Runner Discovers Cardboard Box By The Trail With Furry And Hairless Animals In

Brigette Brouillard’s only times away from her work with animals as Second Chances Wildlife Center’s founder, and her phone are when she goes on trail relaxing runs. However, even when she takes some time to relax, her work finds her, just like what happened with her the last time she went on a trail run.

When Brigette saw a carton box, she was almost 5 km into her run. So, with no doubt, she determined to investigate as her instincts just took over! She found 6 guinea pigs abandoned in the cardboard box out of nowhere! Despite being in a big shock, Brigette knew exactly what she had to do.

She wrote that it was a hard mission to hold the box for 5 km and walked back to her car as it too heavy for her.

So, she stopped a car and asked the driver to ride her to her car. Once she was back to her car, she used her connections, and managed to find 3 forever homes for the 6 animals! What a happy ending!

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