School Personnel Look Out Window And Find That They Are Being Watched

This story speaks about a baby owl, that lives in a tree on campus at Trident Technical College in South Carolina. No matter how many goings and comings of the students and faculty, the bird did not move an inch. But when he needed a help, he knew exactly where to go.

While doing their business, the staff of the school realized that they were being watched by a pair of large eyes from the window of the door. So, the staff was able to conclude that the bird needed an immediate help as he fell out of his nest. So, the owl was collected by a staff member after being wrapped in a jacket, and taken back to his nest.

He was then taken to the Center for Birds of Prey to be checked by wildlife experts, who said that he should return to his nest as he was healthy.

So, the baby owl was taken back to his nest, but with somehow care by some volunteers to make sure he was ok. The owlet is now loved by the whole campus. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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