Baby Elephant Melts Million Hearts As Greeting Her Favorite Worker By “Purring”

The first community-owned elephant sanctuary in Africa, that is based in Northern Kenya, the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, cares for orphaned and abandoned elephant calves after adopting them. They aim to release them back to the wild when they are adult.

All the keepers of this sanctuary have an experience of dealing with elephants as they’ve been living with them for generations, they also have formal training in the release, rehabilitation, and care of elephant calves.

Ten to twenty-five elephant calves, that have been abandoned due to man-made wells, drought, or human-wildlife conflict, are rescued by the sanctuary every year. It is known that elephants are smart, and have a great memory. So, when a Reteti keepers called Rimland Lemajong had been gone for a week on a business trip the elephant calves missed him.

But when he was back to the sanctuary, a baby elephant was very happy to see him again as he used his trunk to hug him. The baby elephant’s trunk hugs Lemajong’s neck and caresses his face. Luckily for us, the moment was caught on video and shared online to let people know how elephants feel towards their keepers.

It was obvious that Lemajong was really happy with the elephant, who also really care about him. The video went viral getting more than 1 million views with thousands of likes and comments. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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