Woman Rushes To Save Group Of Puppies Then  Then Discovers They Were Not Puppies At All

Despite not usually going on after-hours rescue missions, Jessie Tussing, the Heartland Humane Society’s foster and rescue coordinator jumped in her car to rescue a group of puppies after receiving a call on a Friday evening. When she arrived at the remote location with her 2 teenage daughters, she used a flashlight to guide the way while looking for the pups as it was very dark.

The building was very old, so, Tussing took the permission of the home owner to remove one of the barn’s floorboards. That’s when she saw the pups she had been looking for. Tussing then knew that these puppies looked somehow different after bringing them into the waning daylight. So, Tussing’s daughters used Google lens trying to figure out the real breed of the puppies.

It turned out that they were baby coyotes. So, Tussing knew that she had to leave the baby coyotes where she had found them as they were not alone and their mama was waiting for her and her daughters to leave to reunite with them. She then told the home owner to prevent the barn until the coyote family found another home.

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