Man With Quick Thinking Saves The Life Of A Falling Dog From A Building

John Alexander Palomino Bendives was just looking forward to relax after a stint working in the field that lasted for 2 weeks. So, while he was going to the flat he shares with 4 dogs and his mama in Peru, he was called into action once more. But this time wasn’t to save a dog he did not know, as it was his own dog, Mina.

When Bendives was about to get inside his flat building along with his girlfriend, Mina and the other puppies were very excited to see them as they were peering down over the railing from his family’s fourth-story roof apartment.

Mina just was not able to wait for Bendives to be up there to greet her as she was very excited to see him, she just misjudged the distance and jumped or lost her balance and slipped and she was falling to the street below.

Fortunately, she was not in the exact time by Bendives who was able to catch her in his arms. It might have been certain death if Bendives did not save her. Bendives said that Mina was very grateful and happy and she was unharmed. Her tail continued to be wagged as she was very happy. What a hero! Watch the video below.

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