Terrified Abused Dog Shrieks In Fear When Rescuer Tries To Touch Her

It is known that animal rescuers always see many cases of neglecting animals as they rescue animals every day. So, when they see a neglected animal, it is a normal thing for them, but this story wasn’t normal for an animal rescuer from Romania called Monica Mitreanu who left shocking after seeing Priscilla, a poor dog.

Priscilla, who was in a bad abusive situation, had been found by Monica who directly took her to the shelter in Breasta-Craiova. It was obvious that Priscilla was repeatedly beaten and tortured since she was a pup. Priscilla was completely afraid of humans as she directly ran to hide herself in a corner when she saw Monica. Monica was completely heartbroken when she saw that and knew she had to do something.

You can see in the video below that Monica trying to calm Priscilla down by slowly approaching her and touches her, but Priscilla loudly shrieks in fear when she is touched because of the pain. The hopelessness and the pain are obvious in her eyes as she begs Monica to spare her by shouting.

But Monica isn’t about leaving Priscilla in pain and she is determined to help her. Priscilla gradually starts recognizing that Monica is a rescuer who wants to touch her with love and she starts crying in her arms. This story is one of the most heartbreaking stories ever as you can how the dog breaks down in her rescuer’s arms. Watch the video below.

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