Rescuers Move Paradise And Earth To Save Sick Dog Life Who Was Abandoned On Bridge To Die

A call came to Hope For Paws about a dog called Dennis who was abandoned to die on a bridge! Eldad Hagar said that a man called Gabriel Sepulveda saw the dog and called them after knowing that they rescue dogs after watching a video of them rescuing a dog.

When Eldad and Lisa Chiarelli arrived to the location after 2 hours of driving, they were completely shocked as the dog, who was covered with ticks, was unable to move! So, they directly took him to a hospital to be checked. Lola, Lisa’s canine, was rushed to the hospital in case that Dennis needed blood donation as he enduring severe anemia.

Interior medicine experts including cardiologists and neurologists worked hard for the next five days in hopes they could save his life. Unfortunately, his body was very weak, and he passed away! RIP Dennis.

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