Firefighters Rescue A Dog Who Had Been Trapped Underground For More Than 60 Hours.

A call came to the firefighters in Diamond Jubilee Wood in Normanton Le Heath, Leicestershire, about a poor dog that had been stuck for about sixty hours underground in a badgers’ sett.

It was lunchtime on Tuesday, but the firefighters wasted no time and rushed to rescue the dog. The RSPCA went to the scene to help the firefighters, who used specialist locating and listening devices.

Thankfully, the dog was found, but they needed some help in digging. They got some resources for that. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service shared some photos of the dog with only his head out of the dirt!

Fortunately, the dog was finally freed after hours of digging. However, the dog returned to his owner, and he was generally healthy! What a happy ending!

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