Dog Found With Taped Mouth And Legs, Couldn’t Stop Wagging His Tail When Being Rescued

Carlos Carillo and his colleague was going on a regular commute to assist plumber when something horrible caught their eyes. The employee of Shoreline Pipes in Texas, Carrillo, said that they were completely shocked after seeing the dog left there to die with his mouth and legs taped shut.

Carillo was able to set the dog free with the help of his workmate. Despite being there for more than 24 hours, the dog seemed generally fine. The dog was then taken to a nearby no-kill sanctuary called  Peewee’s Pet Fostering to be checked up.

The dog was more than happy to be saved as he knew that he would have died without the plumbers’ help. Regardless of having heartworms, the dog was generally healthy.

He will have a therapy soon. However, the dog could not stop wagging his tail after being saved. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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