Rescuers Work For Hours To Free Trapped Goat In a Big Irrigation Pipe And Save Its Life

3 workers of AHS, Savana Wilcox, Gracie Watts, and Andy, spent some hours trying to locate a goat, that got trapped in a huge irrigation pipe, but to no avail. They then used a special snake camera to locate it.

They came back the next day with reinforcements including a sledgehammer and shovels to rescue the goat. Unfortunately, it started raining again, which left the pipe full of water. So, they then started digging through piping between 2 residential properties, concrete, and dirt, in hopes they could find the goat.

Gracie said that it was a very hard mission as they were searching blindly as they just heard its sound. They used their faith, and that worked as they were just five feet away from where they were digging. However, it started raining again, but they were able to save the goat before it was too late. How great! Watch the video below.

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