Baby Panda Melts Over 10 Million Hearts When Meeting Mom For The First Time

There is no doubt that pandas are one of the cutest animals ever. However, baby animals are always cuter than the adults, and this video is a great proof of that. The video below, that was shared online by G4ViralVideos, shows the cutest baby panda and how her mama is taking care of her.

You can also see in the video, that took place in a Taiwanese zoo, that mama panda meeting her baby for the first time and started breastfeeding her as she was crying. It was obvious that the mamma panda was very happy as she was smiling. The video directly went viral getting more than 12 million views since it was shared. Thousands of people commented on it claiming that this is one of the most adorable videos that they ever seen.

According to Travel Taipei, the video took place in the largest zoo in the in the Southeast Asia and one of the largest zoos in the world called Taipei Zoo. They also added that the baby panda was born in July to parents Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan with special needs.

The population of the animal, who loves eating bamboo, was endangered as it was hard to be reproduced, but Chinese officials were able to do a great job after announcing that they doubled the populations of pandas in 2021. What a great success! Watch the video below.

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