She Approaches Chained Starving Dog Quietly And Carry Her To The Car With Tears In Her Eyes

This story speaks about a poor dog called Eva, who was not able to move as she was paralyzed. She was in desperate need of help, but no one was willing to.

Fortunately, Eva was saved by a Good Samaritan, who took her to the vet to be checked up for everything. Surprisingly, Eva was free of HW and erlichia, which left the rescuer in awe! But the X-rays revealed that her both legs were paralyzed due to having 2 damaged vertebrae!

It was believed that a collision with a car or a person was the main reason of the injury. After being given a big amount of pain medication, Eva started recovering very well. In some weeks, she was able to stand all alone!

She continued her therapy by receiving daily massages and daily water therapy. She finally became completely healthy, and even found her forever home she has deserved! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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