Heartless Owner Kicks Out His Two-Legged Dog Out Of The House Because Of Her Disability

This story speaks about a poor dog who was abandoned by her doggy mamma the moment she was born in 2002 in the US, as she only had 3 legs and one them is completely useless and shrunken, which means she only has 2 legs!

She was also abandoned by her owner! The dog ended up with a woman called Jude String and her mama, who were more than happy and accepted to take care of the dog, whose only problem was to be born with a congenital defect!

Jude’s family was kind enough to the point that they even adopted the dog! The dog, who was named Faith, had a skateboard to lean on and to push ahead using her rear legs! The family also started jumping exercises to help Faith use her legs normally.

After a hard work for more than 6 months, Faith was able to stand on her own! She can now go to for walks and to the park, which is her favorite place! She lives her life now like a normal dog! What a happy ending!

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