Squirrel Rescued By A Soldier, And They Are Now Friends On The Road

A soldier in the Belarusian army called Pyotr Pankratau found a baby squirrel on the edge of death. He was able to nurse it back by feeding it milk using a syringe.

The squirrel, that was named Masik, was also taken by the soldier when he left the army. The soldier then became a taxi driver, and he always takes Masik with him.

Pyotr said that Masik used to go with him as he was always being taken with him in the army. He also added that the squirrel ran away just one time to a tree, but he was completely trembled and scared.

He also said that he shows Masik to children as he does not want to disturb him all the time. The squirrel really enjoys going with Pyotr and playing with the kids. How cute!

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