Couple Sees Elderly Beagle Being Given Away Online For Free, And Decides To Rescue Her

Taylor and her partner saw a post on Facebook about a senior beagle called Maple, who was being given away freely! So, they drove for 3 hours to save her. It was obvious that Maple had been through a very bad life once she saw her!

She just wanted to sleep! So, Taylor and her partner took Maple and drove back home. Fortunately, the couple has another dog called Cooper, who did a great job with Maple. They directly became best friends. However, Maple took a lot of time to come out of her shell as she was not used to be loved and spoiled.

Thankfully, Maple’s real personality has been shown with the help of Cooper. She is now having a great life with her family after turning the first year with them.

We hope she would stay with them forever as she really deserves that. Watch the video below.

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